Aria Resort Sets Standards on Las Vegas Strip with Revamped Ultra-Luxury Skyvillas

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, January 28, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Aria Resort thought of everything, so you can forget it all. The 2,060 square-foot Sky Suites Two Bedroom Penthouse is the ultimate in contemporary sophistication. Luxuries include custom residential decor, unmatched amenities, dramatic views of Las Vegas, our signature one-touch room controls and, of course, exclusivity. Las Vegas may be your destination, but it won’t be until you enter your Penthouse that you’ll realize you’ve arrived.

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The seven superlative two-bedroom Skyvillas flaunt a unique palette, personality, and layout. The designers hit a bull’s-eye with a soft contemporary design aesthetic inside that displays a contrasting, brightly-lit Vegas through the floor-to-ceiling windows on the outside. The tasteful, individualistic jewel-toned furnishings give the room a touch of regality. While utterly lavish, the living rooms also create an intimate ambiance with flow-through sofas and furniture. All said and done, the suites and Skyvillas are Aria’s highlight, and luckily for regular Richie Richs, they just got even better.

The Sky Suites are commodious rooms ranging from 1,050 to 2,060 square feet inundated with muted blues and silvers. The suites impress with their mid-century modern styling, seen in one- and two-bedroom accommodations. Sky Suites offer their guests a personal concierge, private pool, private entrance, and some moments of frivolity with game kits such as backgammon, checkers, and chess. While the high rollers can always go to the casino floor for guests who would want to soak up the luxury of the suites they can try live roulette games. Something more adventurous on your mind? The 24-hour concierge team is at your disposal to secure difficult last-minute reservations, tickets, and the like.

Anton Nikodemus, President & COO of Aria, said, “In reimagining Aria’s Skyvillas and Sky Suites, our crown jewels, we took great care to consider what would enhance and differentiate ARIA’s award-winning experience. Inspiring design and breathtaking views are complemented by exceptional, detail-oriented service, creating unparalleled stays for our guests.”

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These 2,000- to 7,000-square-foot residences sit at the apex of Aria, offering posh art-deco bathrooms (stocked with the likes of Hermès, Bulgari, or Creed products), blue-chip art, and fully-stocked caparisoned bars, among other fancy aspects. Skyvillas come with their own in-villa kitchens for esteemed guests who are particular about their tastes and don’t find à la carte tempting. Aria puts a celebrity chef in charge of preparing a memorable meal followed by a cigar sommelier, who, if called upon, will bring up a selection of impossible-to-find offerings. Before these high-tech accouterments even begin to work their charm, guests are floored with Rolls-Royce Phantoms and Champagne-baring butlers who whisk them directly up to their accommodations.